I'm glad you found my new website, this is the beginning of new era for me; I am not an Internet Guru! I'm just in Aussie bloke who plays in the shed in my spare time to talk about stuff that affects my life and hobbies that I enjoy doing from woodworking to CNC Laser working (when I'm well enough to do so).

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I started Matt's Workshop in December 2015 after I got a few tools from my five children for father's day the same year and I started woodworking. I had not done very much woodworking before then so this was something completely new, especially when encouraged by my teenage daughter to start a YouTube channel. Over the past year I continued to produce amateur videos on things I had made and I did a few product reviews. I enjoy working in the shed as it is completely different to my regular job as a registered nurse in an operating theatre. Over the past year I have also expanded to other forms of social media such as Instagram, Facebook.

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