Bunting Letters

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Decorate with one of these unique bunting letter flags, each flag is approximately 50x75mm. (If you would like another size please use contact page to submit your inquiry) Available in any Letter, Number or Keyboard Symbol including a blank for using as a space Unlimited applications, use for a child's room, birthday or party bunting, They are made from MDF Woodgrain Board or Plain MDF for you to paint any colour you like. String / Twine / Ribbon NOT INCLUDED. Free Post / Pickup / Local Delivery Available This Item CAN NOT be shipped INTERNATIONALLY. Sorry for any inconvenience. IMPORTANT ORDERING INSTRUCTIONS: Price is Per Bunting Flag. - Please Enter The Letters and Numbers Required in the field "WHAT DO YOU WANT YOUR BUNTING TO SAY?" - Calculate the total number of letter/number flags needed and enter this number in the field "HOW MANY LETTERS REQUIRED?" - Enter "HOW MANY BLANK FLAGS REQUIRED:" - Enter "HOW MANY HEART FLAGS REQUIRED:" - Then ADD the total Quantity of Bunting Flags to the Cart. Before completing your purchase. If you have other craft supply requirements email matthew@mattsworkshop.net for a quote on any design or shape on a variety of materials.

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